Amazon Says It Actually Isn’t Affiliated With Recently Released Prime Bike

The episode once again raised concerns around Peloton’s luxury price points.

On Tuesday, Echelon Fitness released a $500 workout bike “in collaboration with Amazon” called the EX-Prime Bike. Those quotation marks are sarcastic air quotes as much as they reflect Echelon’s actual language because… 

There was no collaboration 

On Tuesday evening, Amazon disavowed any connection to the bike. “Echelon does not have a formal partnership with Amazon,” a spokesperson told Bloomberg. “This bike is not an Amazon product or related to Amazon Prime.” 

  • Tell that to Peloton, whose stock fell as much as 7% when news broke that Amazon was supposedly peddling into living rooms. 

Bottom line: Even though Amazon has nothing to do with the bike, the episode once again highlighted concerns around Peloton’s luxury prices. Its forthcoming cheaper treadmill costs $2,495 and its cheapest bike will set you back $1,895, potentially leaving it vulnerable to lower-cost alternatives like the one Amazon just unintentionally pump faked.

Via Morning Brew

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