Apple Watch Series 6 debuts at Apple’s 2020 Event

2015: Apple releases Apple Watch. 2020: Apple captures 51% of global smartwatch shipments

Whatever your five-year plan is, Apple probably has you beat. In 2015, it released its first Apple Watch—and as of June 2020, it’s cornered the smartwatch market with 51% of global shipments. 

Time flies…as the company’s 2020 event tagline points out. Yesterday it announced the Apple Watch Series 6 and lower-cost Apple Watch SE. 

The former’s headline features include: 

  • Blood oxygen level measurement via infrared light. This is especially relevant right now: Research suggests Covid-19 patients can experience dangerously low blood oxygen levels with few signs.
  • ECG on the go. Stanford research suggests wearables, including the Apple Watch, can safely detect heartbeat irregularities—including the most common type, atrial fibrillation.  

In this case, the FDA granted both features “De Novo classification”—an alternate pathway to classify novel, low- or moderate-risk medical devices—for most U.S. users ages 22 and older. 

Big picture: This comes at a time when tech giants are betting big on wearables—and health-conscious consumers may be willing to invest more in it, too. The global wearable tech market is projected to grow to ~$106 billion by 2027, compared to ~$32 billion today.

Via Morning Brew

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