Atlanta Falcons’ Home Stadium Enlists Disinfecting Drones

In disin-tech-tant news…

Disinfecting drones may be the future of spectator sports. 

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons NFL team, teamed up with Lucid Drone Technologies to become the first known professional sports venue to use disinfecting drones. 

  • After the Falcons’ stadium opens for limited capacity in mid-October, Lucid’s “D1 disinfecting drones” will use electrostatic spraying nozzles to disperse medical-grade cleaning solution. 

The drones can clean the stadium in about four hours, Lucid told us. For reference, it only takes the Falcons ~17 minutes to blow a 28-3 lead. (Ryan, a Pats fan, made me put that reference in.)

In other disin-tech-tant news: The Carolina Panthers may be the first NFL team to use a robot to clean locker rooms, offices, and more. Their custodian of choice: Xenex’s LightStrike robot, which wields broad-spectrum UV rays to kill Covid-19 with 99.99% efficacy.

Via Morning Brew

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