China Hits the Road for Golden Week

Domestic flight trips are projected to increase 10%

In the world of travel, China’s “Golden Week” holiday is like Labor Day, Memorial Day, and the Wednesday before Thanksgiving rolled into one. Beginning Oct. 1, more than 600 million trips are expected as Chinese people set their OOO messages and hit the road.

Of course, things will be different this year—not all worse, though.

  • Domestic flight trips are projected to increase 10% because of curbs on international travel.
  • Bookings for luxury hotels, especially, are skyrocketing. 
  • And in Wuhan, the city where the coronavirus originated, its Yellow Crane Tower is the most popular attraction during Golden Week. No. 2? Shanghai Disneyland. 

Still, the pandemic is stunting overall travel; those 600 million trips are down from 782 million last year. 

Zoom out: China’s largely kept the coronavirus under control since the initial outbreak. It detected its first local asymptomatic cases in more than a month last week.

Via Morning Brew

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