Gucci and The RealReal Partner for Virtual Consignment Shop

Luxury brands don’t usually brag about consignment.

Most luxury brands only acknowledge resale sites when they’re accused of peddling fakes. Then there’s Gucci, which today launched a curated online resale shop through The RealReal.

  • Around 2,000 Gucci items will be carried in the store, with new items added daily.
  • Some inventory will come directly from Gucci, while other items will be uploaded by TRR consignors. 

The context: Resale sites thrived this year as luxury brands explored a covert channel to offload extra inventory. 

  • TRR told Retail Brew that brand interest in the site has increased 22x during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
  • Items consigned directly by brands have risen 46%. 

The difference? Most luxury brands swear resellers to secrecy; Gucci is shouting its consignment partnership from the rooftops. That matters for the highest-scoring luxury label on the Fashion Transparency Index: Resale is a more eco-friendly way to shop, but few luxury brands openly condone it. 

Brands that argue resale diminishes their value should simply try making better products. Since 2012, Gucci has been one of TRR’s top three brands for maintaining its resale value—2.3x stronger than the average.

Via Morning Brew

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