Land Mine Clearing Rat Wins Britain’s Highest Animal Honor

Wait until you read these rat stats…

Meet Magawa, a heroic, landmine-clearing, African giant pouched rat whose LinkedIn resume would make an HBS alum jealous.

In a virtual ceremony yesterday, Magawa won Britain’s highest animal honor, the first rat to do so in the 77-year history of the award. And in case you haven’t said “awww” enough already, the gold medal that comes with the award “is perfectly rat-sized and fits onto his work harness” according to NPR. 

  • His body of work: Over the last four years, Magawa deployed his sensitive nose to clear more than 1.5 million square feet of land in Cambodia, finding 39 landmines and 28 items of unexploded ordnance. 

Bottom line: Magawa’s unquestioned excellence has us wondering, where does he rank among the top rats of all time?

Here’s our list:

  1. Remy from Ratatouille
  2. Pizza Rat
  3. All the R.O.U.S’s from The Princess Bride
  4. Master Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  5. Templeton from Charlotte’s Web

Via Morning Brew

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