Lola Has Sold More Than 10 Million Period Products Through Its Walmart Deal

We have an exclusive conversation with Jordana Kier.

Six months after period care brand Lola hit Walmart shelves, the duo is expanding its partnership to include a family planning product suite across 2,900+ stores. 

Why it matters: It’s a sign that sticking to the essentials (like I predicted) and breaking old merchandising cycles works for DTC brands entering IRL stores. 

“When we launched our menstrual care product [at Walmart], it was actually the first time that pads, liners, and tampons were co-merchandised together,” co-founder Jordana Kier told Retail Brew. “That’s not how the aisle appeared for decades.” Making products easier to find boosted… 

  • Brand discovery: 27% of all Lola shoppers said they first encountered the brand on the Walmart shelf.
  • Sales: The brand told Retail Brew it’s sold 10 million menstrual care products through Walmart since kicking off the partnership in March. 

What’s next: Kier said that Lola is testing new in-aisle elements, like a QR code shoppers can scan to access exclusive wellness content. “[It’s a] great example of an opportunity to showcase some of our brand, where we have a lot of strength and community and content, right in the aisle,” she said.

For more…Kier told me about Lola’s bulk packaging strategy and what any digitally native brand should consider before entering a retail partnership in an exclusive Q&A. You can read our full interview here

Via Morning Brew

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