OkCupid, Vineyard Vines Among Brands Pushing You to the Polls

Here’s why voter registration campaigns from brands work from a marketing perspective.

From dating apps to retailers to big TV networks, brands are looking to attach themselves to voter registration initiatives ahead of the U.S. presidential election. 

Prime example: 

Dating app OkCupid. A voting campaign makes a lot of sense for the company, as 76% of OkCupid users surveyed said political leanings are “very important” to them while considering a partner, per Adweek

Now, the digital matchmaker is playing into that political passion in a campaign promoting its voter registration badge, which tells potential matches if you’re registered to vote. 

  • The “VILF” campaign (take a guess at what that stands for) includes video content making fun of political attack ads and an influencer makeup tutorial.  

Zoom out: Ad Age has a running list of 14 more brands running campaigns with the same “register to vote” message. Although Patagonia made the list, many of the brands employing this strategy aren’t your typical activists. Plus, 1,000+ retailers joined Time to Vote—a nonpartisan pledge to give employees time off to cast their ballots.

+1: Seriously, even Vineyard Vines launched a “VOTE” apparel capsule collection and plans to share voting resources with its customers.

Why voting has brands abuzz

In marketing, one way creative trends become ✨a thing✨ is when research shows that employing said trend will help marketers meet KPIs. And studies show that consumers are more loyal to brands that take a clear stance on issues they care about, per Harvard Business Review

For instance, Retail Brew’s Halie LeSavage recently spoke with Marc Rosen, Levi Strauss executive VP and president of Levi Strauss Americas, about why so many retailers joined Time to Vote this year:

  • “Consumers are increasingly loyal to brands that take a strong stance around the issues that resonate with them, including voting…that’s how they drive growth, strengthen their brand, and keep their people inspired and engaged,” said Rosen

My takeaway: Brands running voter registration campaigns this year are simply betting on their consumers caring more about voting in 2020 than ever before. If brands are right, then they are likely to be rewarded with consumer loyalty.

Via Morning Brew

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