President Trump Receives Experimental Drugs to Treat Covid-19

Remdesivir might be a familiar name

The president of the United States is in the hospital with the coronavirus. How is he being treated?  

Remdesivir: The president received his first dose of remdesivir on Friday as part of a five-day course. Remdesivir might be a familiar name—it’s made by Gilead Sciences and was widely discussed back in the spring, during the first wave of this health crisis.

  • It hasn’t received full FDA approval (just emergency use authorization). However, it has been shown in clinical trials to help hospitalized Covid patients. 

Antibody cocktail: Last Friday, the president’s doctor Sean Conley said Trump received an experimental antibody cocktail from drugmaker Regeneron (whose stock rose after hours following the disclosure). 

Dexamethasone: Yesterday, Conley said that the president was given a dose of the steroid dexamethasone, which has been shown to help Covid-19 patients with more severe cases. Trump also received supplemental oxygen Friday, the medical team disclosed.

Looking ahead…Trump’s doctors said the president, who made a surprise motorcade appearance last night, could be discharged from the hospital as early as Monday. However, their credibility has been diminished following a series of misleading statements made to the public this weekend around the president’s health.

Via Morning Brew

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