Recapping Q3: Tech Tie-ups, Tensions, and More

Q3 in review

The cat’s out of the bag. Years of tech adoption and digital transformation have happened in months, as the 2020 corporate cliché goes. 

Let’s revisit highlights and lowlights. 


India banned TikTok and 59 other apps, and the U.S. TikTok saga kicked off. Also in India: Jio capped a three-month, $15.7 billion fundraising haul. 

Nvidia overtook Intel in market cap and didn’t look back, thanks to Huang’s Law. Twitter suffered a sweeping security breach, with celebs’ accounts at the mercy of a bitcoin scammer. Once the blue checks returned, the talk of the tech Twitter town was GPT-3, OpenAI’s new language model. 

We ended July with fireworks when the House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee summoned the four horsemen of Big Tech via Cisco WebEx. 


Tech tensions escalated (kinda an evergreen sentence at this point). The U.S. proposed the “clean network” plan, a not-so-subtle jab at China’s tech industry. The specter of a U.S. TikTok ban became more serious and a deadline was set. Microsoft emerged as the suitor.

On the consumer hardware side, Samsung unveiled a suite of flagship 5G devices and Google launched the $350 Pixel 4a. Out of nowhere, Amazon announced the supposedly mood-detecting Halo wearable

In a stroke of marketing genius, Fortnite parent Epic Games launched a carefully choreographed coup against Apple and Google. And in non-beef developments, Microsoft released the stunning new edition of Flight Simulator and SpaceX’s Starship took a hop.


We saw two big deals: the Nvidia-Arm tie-up…and however you want to describe what’s going on with TikTok and Oracle (Microsoft didn’t get the rose). There were plenty of SPACs to boot. 

It was a month full of new hardware, from the Apple Watch to Amazon’s indoor flying security drone. Microsoft and Sony unveiled their next-gen gaming consoles, just as new cloud gaming subscription services rained down. 

Tesla had Battery Day. Nikola…had problems. 

Looking ahead: Surely the next three months will be calmer. Not like there’s new iPhones, IPOs, or trade restrictions on the way. Surely not.

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