Rent the Runway Will No Longer Offer Unlimited Option

Rent the Runway’s made several big cuts this year.

One month after closing its five stores, Rent the Runway is eliminating its Unlimited rentals membership. 

The reasons: One, no one notices if you wear the same Zoom top two days in a row. Two, members who paid for Unlimited had pretty limited behaviors.

  • 70% of RTR Unlimited members ordered eight items or fewer per month. 
  • Only 6% of RTR Unlimited members ordered 16+ items per month. 

Is this…a turnaround strategy? Good things don’t usually come to those who pen open letters, but CEO Jennifer Hyman may be on to something here. Switching to a pay-per-use model will save the rental company on shipping items and processing returns. Hyman also claims processing fewer orders will help RTR meet its sustainability goals.

Looking ahead…rental companies don’t need us to go back to the office; they just need us to go outside. Besides RTR, rental services Everlasting Wardrobe, The Rotation, and Switch said subscriptions are slowly picking up as select venues reopen and shoppers reconsider their pants boycotts.

Via Morning Brew

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