Short Form Video App Quibi Is Reportedly Exploring a Possible Sale

Where did Quibi go wrong?

You’re not in Groundhog Day, but another short-form video app could be up for sale. Quibi is weighing “strategic options” after falling well short of its subscriber targets, the WSJ reports.

To figure out where a company backed by nearly $1.8 billion in funding stumbled, we asked our Twitter followers…

  • Confusing branding: “The name. It doesn’t convey what the service, you know, actually does”—Chris Cillizza
  • Misjudged the market: “It solved a problem nobody had”—Matt Gibbons
  • Didn’t leverage its users: “Failed to democratize content creation for a generation of content creators”—Edgar Rodriguez
  • Bad content: “Its slate of shows resembled a list of rejected 30 Rock one-liners”—Maura Johnston

Bottom line: Everything is on the table, per the WSJ, from going public through a SPAC to being acquired by a media/tech giant like Disney or Amazon.

Via Morning Brew

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