Slack Unveils New Features, Including Stories

Plus, a sneaker collab with Cole Haan

Workplace communication tool Slack was handed a golden opportunity when companies went remote in March. Since then, it’s been experimenting with new features to help it meet the moment. 

It unveiled a few of them yesterday at its Frontiers conference. 

  • Collaboration: Because swapping Homer GIFs with your coworkers isn’t distracting enough, Slack is making it easier for you to message someone outside your company. The goal is to allow business partners to collaborate more efficiently. 
  • Stories: Slack’s adding a Stories feature by the end of 2020, because of course it is. “There was a joke going around that soon all software will have it,” CEO Stewart Butterfield told The Verge, but “…it’s an idea that’s time has come.”
  • Sneakers: Not a typo. Footwear brand Cole Haan and Slack announced a collab on limited-edition sneakers, which you can see in the image above. Thoughts?

Zoom out: Slack is in a software scrum with Microsoft and Google, both of which are releasing new features or rebranding to capture your company’s internal communications budget.

Via Morning Brew

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