The Biggest Feuds in Business Right Now

TikTok-Oracle may be grabbing the headlines, but Nvidia’s deal for Arm might be beefier

Sometimes relationships in the business world are less SpongeBob and Patrick and more SpongeBob and Plankton. Here’s the latest on the biggest beefs in business.

Nikola vs. short sellers: Nikola, the upstart electric truck maker, released its defense after short-seller Hindenburg Research called it an “intricate fraud” last week. In the 2,700-word rebuttal, Nikola called the report a “hit job,” however it did concede a few key Hindenburg criticisms. The SEC is now investigating Nikola over these fraud allegations, reports Bloomberg.

Whistleblower vs. Facebook: In a memo obtained by BuzzFeed News, ex-Facebook data scientist Sophie Zhang alleges the company failed to respond to evidence that fake accounts were undermining political affairs in countries all over the world.  

Arm vs. Arm cofounder: TikTok-Oracle may be grabbing the headlines, but Nvidia’s $40 billion deal for UK chip designer Arm might be beefier. Arm’s cofounder Hermann Hauser wrote an open letter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking that he intervene in the deal to protect UK jobs and economic interests.

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