The Holiday Season Starts with Halloween Now

Here’s how marketers should prepare accordingly.

If your resident LinkedIn “thought leader” told you that, in light of the pandemic, the holiday season now officially begins with Halloween…they might be onto something. 

Global consulting firm AlixPartners added October to its holiday shopping forecast for the first time this year. 

  • Its recent survey found that 49% of consumers plan to begin their holiday shopping before October 31.
  • And AlixPartners estimates that “sales for October through December will grow 1% to 2.6% from last year’s sales of $1.1 trillion,” per Retail Dive.

TL;DR: Marketers are going to have to work twice as hard to stand out from the crowd even earlier this year. 

A few tips for doing just that: 

  • Data from Pattern89 suggests “home for the holidays” messaging, like tree decorating and candles, is going to perform well this year. 
  • And “free shipping” has the highest click-through rate (CTR) of other holiday shopping promotions, but is less frequently used. 
  • “10% off” and “20% off” promos both show a steady upward trend, but “free shipping” is twice as effective.

Via Morning Brew

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