The Lobby Wants to Infiltrate E-Commerce With Video Shopping

Department stores 2.0 are here.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been catfished by an “oversized” sweater that fits like a crop top IRL. The Lobby, a video-centric marketplace that launched nationwide yesterday, wants to solve that problem. 

How it works: It’s “QVC meets TikTok,” founder Abigail Holtz told Business Insider. 

  • A roster of 40 influencers shares 30–90 second videos wearing items from The Lobby’s 30 DTC brand partners.
  • When shoppers are ~influenced~ to make a purchase, they can add items to their cart without pausing the video.

Sounds familiar

There are almost as many digital fashion marketplaces as there are celebrity beauty brands (too many). A non-exhaustive list of virtual department stores includes Farfetch, Shopbop, Verishop, and Mytheresa. 

Those platforms built their brands around superior curation, but they’re UX Luddites. That’s given The Lobby and The Yes, an AI-powered shopping app, a way in. After all, modern shoppers want 1) ultra-personalized options and 2) interactive media. 

My caveat: New apps are also fighting the nascent shopping tabs on social media…and those platforms are light years ahead when it comes to consumer awareness. If The Lobby can’t come up with an elevator pitch that doesn’t involve another app, it might not last.

Via Morning Brew

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