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Each week the CEO and Co-founder of Morning Brew Alex Lieberman interviews the smartest marketers in every type of industry to give actionable insights to our Marketing Brew community.

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The Marketing Brew CMO Series is a weekly live interview series hosted by Morning Brew’s Co-founder and CEO Alex Lieberman. Each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays Alex interviews the smartest marketers in the world on his LinkedIn and Twitter to give our community of marketers actionable insights for their own careers. 

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Upcoming Guests 

God-is Rivera, Global Director of Community & Culture, Twitter

Tuesday, 10/6, 1:00 PM ET

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Joe Martin, CMO, CloudApp

Thursday 10/8, 1:00 PM ET

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Episode #16: Mike Mikho, CMO at Laundry Service 

A deep dive into agencies, how they’re positioned in marketing/ advertising, and how to scale an agency.

Episode #15: Matthew Kobach, Director of Content Marketing at Fast

Matt is part social media expert, part twitter legend. Join us for a lesson in running social media for a high-growth brand while building your personal brand with a suprise guest from the Brew Crew. 

CMO Series Episode #14: Swish Goswami, CEO/Co-founder of Trufan

Masterclass on Influencer Marketing, how to build community on LinkedIn, 1st party data and more. 

Episode #13: Katie Perry, VP of Marketing at Public 

How to brand build in the financial sector, why Public the social investing app sees social as an educational tool, most important skills to have as a modern marketer, and more.

Episode #12: Chris Toy, Founder of MarketerHire

How Chris built a network of marketing freelancers trusted by Allbirds, Netflix, Annheiser Busch + 100s more, working with freelancers, how to freelance yourself, and how to become an indispensible marketer. 

Episode #11: Timothy Mahoney, Previous CMO of Chevrolet 

Lessons learned through 40 years of automobile marketing and a dive into why building successful teams is key to successful marketing.

Episode #10: Phoebe Bain, Marketing Brew Writer

Marketing Brew’s Writer talks the process of launching Marketing Brew, trends in the world of marketing and advertising, and her favorite social media platform which is a massive hot take. 

Episode #9: Kipp Bodnar, CMO of Hubspot

A masterclass on B2B Marketing, leading a global marketing org, the power of content marketing, and how to evolve yourself as your company evolves.

Episode #8: Andrea Kayal, CMO of Electric

Talking marketing as you scale from $5mm to $50mm in revenue, building an A+ marketing team, and what the marketing playbook looks like at Electric. 

Episode #7: Dan Gardner, Code & Theory CEO

The lessons learned from 19 years of building one of the largest digital first creative agencies in the US.

Episode #6: Marcus Collins, Michigan Professor of Marketing

Talking culture, community, and consumer behavior through the lens of marketing with Marcus Collins- a professor and marketer that is an expert in transforming ideas online and offline for brands and humans. 

Episode #5: Joy Howard, CMO of Dashlane

The importance of a marketing team’s structure, the role of PR and communication at a company, maintaining connection with your team in a digital world, and more. 

Episode #4: Stephanie Buscemi, CMO of Salesforce

CMO of a $182 billion company talks about everything from the structure of Salesforce’s marketing org to how human connection can be created in marketing campaigns.

Episode #3: Rupal Parekh, Associate Partner at Work & Co

Agency marketing, launch marketing for brands, and standing out from the pack in an agency-filled world.

Episode #2: Alicia Tillman, CMO of SAP

Everything from marketing a massive B2B brand like it’s a B2C to taking on the herculean task of switching your global marketing strategy during a world pandemic.

Episode #1: Ashly Gramby, Marketing Director of Girls Who Code 

How Girls Who Code became a household name, running strategic and impactful marketing campaigns, and marketing responsibly within a non-profit organization.  

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